Photocase photo on the German stamp of condolence 2013

Trauermarke 2013

German special issue stamp “Trauermarke 2013”

Last week, we received a very special specimen: a stamp. More precisely a small card from the German Federal Ministry of Finance presenting us with the stamp of condolence for 2013 (in German “Trauermarke”). The photo of sunlight breaking through a deep dark cloud ceiling is from our photographer apfelholz. We didn’t even know that the German post offers special stamps for condolence mail but now that we are aware, we think this is an appropriate way to express sympathy and we are happy that the graphic designer found the right photo for the project here on Photocase.

Some additional philatelic details:

  • Layout: Greta Gröttrup, Hamburg
  • Stamp value: 60 Cent
  • Format: 44,20 mm x 26,10 mm
  • Printing method: multicolour offset print
  • Date of issue: December 5th 2013

This way to the photo on Photocase.

The special issue stamp is available at the Deutsche Post online shop.

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