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“Worauf warten?” by koordinate – To the photo

In this episode of our feature “Photographers talk about their photos”, we’d like to spotlight one of our new photographers: Philip Scholz alias koordinate. When we came across his photo “Worauf warten?” [which could be loosely translated with “Waiting for what?”] recently, we instantly asked ourselves “This is from Breaking Bad, right?” And damn right it is! In this blogpost, Philip tells us more.


Maybe everyone experiences that moment one time in their lives, when you have to decide: Do I leave my old life behind me and set out into an unknown future or do I remain in the here and now, in old constrains and entanglements?

In a similar hopeless situation was probably Walter White, protagonist of the US drama series „Breaking Bad“, when he saw the only way out of all the chaos he created in finding a hideout at Ed’s, who promises him a new idendity. With some money and a few cloths in a suitcase, he is waiting at the meeting point. A moment after, a red van stops and Walt enters.

The choice of the meeting spot fits the situation, located a little far-off at the periphery of the city, cold concrete, dried up soil. Do all those other single blocks stand for the others, who disappeared?

On a road trip through California, San Francisco, Sacramento, Mariposa, then Nevada. Won in Las Vegas, lost all the more later. Briefly thought about setting forth an the long drive to New Mexico. But as a fan of the show, I sure wanted to see the shooting locations that I encountered again and again on TV and that stuck in my memories.

So into the car in Las Vegas and onto the freeway. Mojave desert in a fast-forward, flashed past the Grand Canyon and then, many hours and many Dr. Pepper later: Arrival in Albuquerque. Found a hotel, arrived, woke up. The city is quiet, almost deserted. Is it always like that here?

A plan was made, the navigation system set and off we went. Arrived, paused for a moment. Oh boy, TV history was written here. We catched the perfect day. The afternoon sun faintly interfused the haze. It immersed everything in a surreal light. Found a parking spot, let the other cars pass by and “snap”, the photo was captured.

In fact, the meeting point is an old dam, which is supposed to protect the city of Albuquerque located in the high desert from the high tides of the Arroyo River. It feels, just like the city itself, not very exciting and still fits in nicely in the total picture of the rather sparse desert landscape and the whole color scale that ranges from muted red to soft grey.

The trip was totally worth it! I’d never have come up with the idea of going there if it wasn’t for “Breaking Bad”. And in addition to the photo I took along the memories of a cursory meeting with a group of like-minded from El Paso, who embarked on the same search. And of a waitress in a coffee shop, who realized quickly from my accent that I wasn’t from the area.

I joined Photocase a few weeks ago and still let the impression sink in. I get orientation and inspiration from a lot of great photos, that I already discovered here, for example this one by C/L:


the great escape by C/LTo the photo

This place is also suited for taking a time out, to let your thoughts rest and concentrate on yourself. Maybe also to better make a decision. But in contrast to the rigid construct of the concrete blocks of the dam, here with a free view, limited only by the semi-permeable grid of thoughts that surrounded you until now. The sky clears up.

So… Worauf warten?

Thanks, Philip! This way to his user profile.

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