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Hectic is the best word to describe the Photocase office right now as we are finalizing our brand new homepage! In order to make the launch as smooth as possible, we have decided to introduce all the changes and improvements in this blogpost.The-New-Photocase-660x1345Our old static homepage will be completely changed. We will now use the space on the homepage to provide you with inspirations and photo collections about seasonal and up-to-date topics. We want to support your search for new photos and help you to find some inspiration for new and additional photo ideas. We will also showcase your favorite photographers with special interviews. As a new element we will offer content supporting you with design tips regarding new photo selection trends and new design themes in a graphical new homepage uses responsive web design, which means that you get the best out of our page, no matter if you’re visiting Photocase on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop device.main-menu-660x228We also redesigned the main menu and to make your start at Photocase much we wanted to create more clarity in the design of the menu bar, all functions belonging to your personal Photocase account are now in the ‘black box’ at the top of the menu bar, while lightboxes and photo selections are right next to it.classic-asp-660x362Photocase has been around since 2001 and some pages were optimized to run under Internet Explorer 6. We ask you to be patient with us, as some sites may not work as smoothly as we want them to in the beginning, but you can be sure that we are working on it.

We hope you like the changes as much as we do and please contact us if you have any comments on the new design. We are curious to know what you think of it.

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  1. I LOVE these pictures. They are aaznmig! I would love to know how you get two different effects like the ones on the bottom with essentially the same lighting. The one on the right is so bright and vibrant, and the one on the left is so soft and romantic.

  2. OczywiÅ›cie, że znam. Åšwietnie piszesz i być może gdybyÅ› w wieku 13 lat zajÄ…Å‚ siÄ™ tym na poważnie – byÅ‚byÅ› teraz bardzo znanym pisarzem i nie miaÅ‚byÅ› czasu na pisanie bloga ani komentowaniu takich wpisów jak np moje

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