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Last July our #photocasetakeover stepped into the second round. This time our photographer ‘krockenmitte’ captured our instagram account for 3 days. What he did during those days plus some really good App tipps and a preview of our next #photocasetakeover candidate can be read here. Enjoy!

Photo #1

Start des "photocasetakeover" mit dem heutigen Morgenglitzern auf dem Comersee. Freue mich, drei Tage lang @photocase bebildern zu dürfen. #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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The #photocasetakeover started for me with a glittery morning view of the Lake Como (Italy). I don’t know how you guys see it, but in my life my mobile phone replaced my miniature camera. It is simply so handy, you always have it in your pocket and it is receptive in less than a second. Moreover you can actually adopt the photo to the feeling you had while taking it with a few scrolls at your App. My favourite Apps are “Snapseed” and “Faded“.

Photo #2

"Lumineux" | DAS ERSTE, das es vor 10 Jahren an den damaligen "Jungs" vorbeigeschafft hat. #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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I was staggered when I looked at my first Photocase photo. It is 10 years ago that I uploaded it due to pure curiosity. And fortunately “the guys” (aka Frank and Kai) accepted it. Thats how I discovered a photo agency that inspires me quiet often since then and a very lively community stimulating me. The previous starting quote of submitting 1 photo and this one photo being accepted turned more or less into a 1/10 rate. But in fact, it makes everything much more exciting.

Photo #3

Hinein ins Fischglas. Little fish. big fish. Swimming in the water… #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte | Musik: www.freesound.org

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The App “Tiny Planet” warps panorama photos into small planets. With the App “RollWorld” you can actually create the same effect but with videos instead of photos discovering new perspectives. I test this at different locations and I really liked the “dunking-effect” at the aquarium.

Photo #4

Tunnelblick | #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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As co-driver in a tunnel I cant’t resist to take a few long-time shots. The App “NightCap” suits very well for this matter. Mostly science-fiction related scenes are created.

Photo #5

"Und eines Tages, Baby, werden wir alt sein. Oh Baby, werden wir alt sein. – und an all die Geschichten denken, die für immer unsere sind.“ Julia Engelmann | #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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The Ted talk of Cesar Kuriyamas inspired me to take a 1 second video every day. This is how I created a collection of live-seconds. Recently I heard about the poetry slam of Julia Engelmann, which I found very suitable: “And one day baby, we will be old. Oh baby, we will be old and think of all the stories that are forever ours.” Copyrights with music videos are problematic. So I changed the melody of “cloud atlas” on the piano a little. The website www.freesound.org offers a great deal of sounds and songs.

Photo #6

Blech-Sonate | #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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As graphic designer who also takes photos I often look out for design, repetitions and proportion in the photos. Due to the bird’s eye view a parking spot at the Olympic tower transforms into a sheet of music of the steel sonata.

Photo #7

Als Vorfilm zum Dienstag-Krimi der #photocaseminimovie "DER ANRUF" Verwendete Bilder/Fotografen: Foto-ID 1194274/pepipepper Foto-ID: 1116237/inkje Foto-ID: 1145142/zettberlin Foto-ID: 245179/simonsdog Foto-ID: 1009672/ZWEISAM Foto-ID: 277607/inkje Foto-ID: 160879/suze Musik: www.freesound.org #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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Photocase photos inspire me quite often. They are scenes of life and so often they tell a story, to some extent very private stories. I was fascinated by the idea of arranging them in the form of a short movie, just like „La jetée“, which tells the story line in form of photos. I used the #photocasetakeover for the very first #photocaseminimovie, which I named: “The call”. The App “iMovie” makes it pretty easy, as you can string the photos together, put zoom functions on them and highlight them with music. Thanks to the photographers:
inkje (one + two)

Photo #8

"Der Traumbaum" | DAS HÄUFIGSTE FOTOSUJET | #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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I refer to this tree as “dream-tree”. He deserves it, I think. Every time I pass by this particular tree he shows off from his best side, which is why the tree is one of my most photographed motives at Photocase .

Photo #9

"The Girl From Havana" | MEINE LIEBLINGSAUFNAHME | #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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The Girl From Havana” is my personal favorite. The photo was taken at the Malecón in Havanna after a short storm. The “girl” is my wife, who is mostly fine and very patient with my photocase and instagram timeouts. <3

Photo #10

#photocaseminimovie | DIE SPIELZEUGKLARINETTE Verwendete Bilder/Fotografen: Foto-ID: 129815/eurytos Foto-ID: 63111/zettberlin Foto-ID: 108762/knallgrün Foto-ID: 108767/knallgrün Foto-ID: 108765/knallgrün Musik: www.freesound.org #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte

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“The toy clarinet”, is the second #photocaseminimovie. Time traveling into the 60’s. The ‘Super-8’ camera effect is created by the help of the “8mm” App. Thanks for the insights into the family photo album:
knallgrün (one + two + three)

Photo #11

Vielen Dank @photocase | #photocasetakeover by @krockenmitte over and out.

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My #photocasetakeover has reached its finale. It was a lot of fun to slip into another account. Thanks for your trust Photocase!

And because it was so much fun for us as well, we are happy to announce the next round starting at 7th of September 2015. This time illmedia is running our instagram account. We are excited what to expect this time!

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