Titbits of the month: September


Every month we present you our favorite photos. This time Sara shows you her three summer pearls! Have a look!

If someone out there have had a look at my recent pearls, you might have already found out a specific pattern. And yes – that’s possible. I love close ups of unique faces or people – especially in black and white. And this pattern will not change this time….

Photo #1



And if the photo is also a bit mysteriously and moony – the better! I could not stop dreaming and thinking about that girl when I looked at this photo. What is she doing there? Where does she look at? Whom or what does she think about?

Photo #2


Photo by Antje Kirchhoff (Tegenne)

I’m loving it. This little girl is hilarious. Yes I know it’s a bit cheesy and posed. But anyway – I think that she can be very lucky with this setting. Especially with the cake including tones of sugar. Otherwise it would have been very boring, wouldn’t it?

Photo #3


Photo by C/L

Amy – is that you? I thought you are hanging out with Brian, Kurt and the other guys…. Just kidding 🙂 This photo is in my opinion an outstanding example of catching a special private emotion. And this isn’t easy. To release the shutter at this little tiny timeframe to hold that magic moment.

More of Sara’s favorite photos can be found here.

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