Super Still Life Photo Challenge: The Winners!


Our Super Still Life Challenge was online for three weeks in total. And it was big fun! So today it’s time for a little recap and the announcement of the winners! Hurray! We are very happy for all the great contributions and the 119 photos we have been put together in this collection. We love this unique mixture and say thanks to all participants! So here we proudly present you the winners:

1st Prize

The first prize goes to our photographer C/L with his great photo:


Photo by C/L

2nd Prize

The second prize is for our photographer inkje and her interesting photo “knolling vs. goldsmithing”:


Photo by inkje

3rd Prize

And, finally, the third prize is for our photographer complize and his funny photo “EATFRESH MAN” :


Photo by complize

Thanks again to everyone who took part!

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