Titbits of the month: September


On a regular basis we present you here our favorite photos. This time Lena shows you her three September pearls! Have a look!

Photo #1


Photo by ina.mija

Looking at this photo I somehow get really exited for autumn to come, to cuddle myself in a blanket and all that autumnal stuff you do, even though we have 25 degrees outside at the moment.

Photo #2


Photo by axelbueckert

A poetic moment: The world is flashing around this woman and she is standing there with both feeds strongly attached to the ground. Somehow this photo caught me, like for real.

Photo #3


Photo by rcaucino

OK, I admit this photo is a bit kitschy and very “instagram like”, but nevertheless it reminds me of the beauty and the peace in the Alps. It catches the atmosphere that this region surrounds you while being there.

More of Lenas favorite photos can be found here.

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  1. I am next in line for Tyrant chest, and still don’t have sh8ouders&#l230; don’t rub it in! btw +5% total DPS is > 75 strength. So after the new sov set wearing 6 sov and glyphs for +10% dps will be pretty sick. assuming they make some changes to it so it is no longer “suicide gear” lol.

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