Super Still Life Photo Challenge: The Winners!


Our Super Still Life Challenge was online for three weeks in total. And it was big fun! So today it’s time for a little recap and the announcement of the winners! Hurray! We are very happy for all the great contributions and the 119 photos we have been put together in this collection. We love this unique mixture and say thanks to all participants! So here we proudly present you the winners:

1st Prize

The first prize goes to our photographer C/L with his great photo:


Photo by C/L

2nd Prize

The second prize is for our photographer inkje and her interesting photo “knolling vs. goldsmithing”:


Photo by inkje

3rd Prize

And, finally, the third prize is for our photographer complize and his funny photo “EATFRESH MAN” :


Photo by complize

Thanks again to everyone who took part!

Titbits of the month: October


Every month we present you our favorite photos. This time Thomas shows you his three autumn pearls! Have a look!

Actually I prefer the cooler seasons, most notably autumn, to the often way too sweaty summer.

Photo #1


photo by salvia77

Maybe it’s because of the stunning play of colors in the trees,

Photo #2


photo by tobid

endless walks through mysterious woods…

Photo #3


photo by Bildersommer

or just because finally it’s time for some good cuddling again!

More of Thomas’ favorite photos can be found here.

Titbits of the month: September


Every month we present you our favorite photos. This time Sara shows you her three summer pearls! Have a look!

If someone out there have had a look at my recent pearls, you might have already found out a specific pattern. And yes – that’s possible. I love close ups of unique faces or people – especially in black and white. And this pattern will not change this time….

Photo #1



And if the photo is also a bit mysteriously and moony – the better! I could not stop dreaming and thinking about that girl when I looked at this photo. What is she doing there? Where does she look at? Whom or what does she think about?

Photo #2


Photo by Antje Kirchhoff (Tegenne)

I’m loving it. This little girl is hilarious. Yes I know it’s a bit cheesy and posed. But anyway – I think that she can be very lucky with this setting. Especially with the cake including tones of sugar. Otherwise it would have been very boring, wouldn’t it?

Photo #3


Photo by C/L

Amy – is that you? I thought you are hanging out with Brian, Kurt and the other guys…. Just kidding 🙂 This photo is in my opinion an outstanding example of catching a special private emotion. And this isn’t easy. To release the shutter at this little tiny timeframe to hold that magic moment.

More of Sara’s favorite photos can be found here.

#PhotocaseTakeover: illmedia


This month our #photocasetakeover stepped into the third round. This time our photographer ‘illmedia’ captured our instagram account for 3 days. What he did during those days plus a preview of our next #photocasetakeover candidate can be read here. Enjoy!

Photo #1

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#neustadt #urban #urbanart #urbangeometry #urbanphotography #photo #photocase #photocasetakeover #photography #instalike #instadaily #follow #followme #follower #instagramtakeover #street #streetstyle #streetphotography

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Photocasetakeover? Well I thought this is kind of a nice idea, since it meant forgetting about my own instagram account and being on my way exclusively for Photocase. Exactly this is what instagram means to me, being on my way, on the move capturing impressions, moments, interests, structures and similar things and actually share them with other people. The transparency that evokes through this broadens my personal horizon and motivates me to go further and experiment more. As my girlfriend is living 200 km away from me, being on the move has become part of me and my daily life. I commute between Saarland and Baden-Wuerttemberg, exploring a lot of those two regions and the cities all round.

This is how the first photo was taken. In Neustadt at the wine route. As I sometimes take photos from the train window power poles are “running” into the motive by default. That’s the time for different photoshop techniques, Apps or a double exposure photo and everything is fine again. At the moment I am concentrating and working on urban structures, which is how interesting geometrical combinations are evolving within my photography.

Photo #2

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Streetwalking with my Love <3 #photocasetakeover #instagramtakeover #takeover #photocase #walking #travel #traveling #shoes #fashion #sport #sports #fitness #love #fit #wanderlust #run #stop #street #streetstyle #streetphotography #urban #urbanphotography #instadaily #life #instagram #likes #photography

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The second photo shows me and my partner also ‘on the move’. As we also enjoy travelling in our spare time, whenever our jobs allows us to. A weekend somewhere in Germany or if we have a proper holiday we like to travel a bit further. We always like to discover the region and the surrounding areas, which is great opportunity to take some nice photos. On this photo we passed a cross-walk and I liked the situation as it reflected us on our travelling, but also somehow a relationship moment.

Photo #3

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Unser täglich Brot gib uns heute #bread #mother #earth #nature #motherearth #landscape #panorama #corn #field #fields #travel #traveling #wanderlust #enjoy #life #clouds #sky #photography #photocasetakeover #summertime #summer #instagram #instadaily #likes #like4like #follow

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The third photo was taken after work. During my work day I sit a lot in front of my computer, so I need some sort of physical balance in the nature afterwards. Which is why I like to ride my bike, hike, breathe some fresh air and eat a healthy diet. Sustainability and a sustainable way of living is very important to me, so I try to support local and regional products. To me it is a great feeling that I know I drink the milk and eat the cheese from those cows that I see on the fields. Where I live, these kinds of concepts are practicable, but surely not without engagement and one’s own initiative. I always think about the roots of things, what I consume and what I support with it.

Photo #4

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Roma #roma #rom #rome #italy #italia #photo #photos #photography #colosseum #colosseo #street #streetphotography #urban #urbanphotography #travel #traveling #photocasetakeover #minimalism #tourist #tour #holiday #holidays

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Here you can see the Colosseum in Rome. I am not a fan of typical touristy shots in which you always see the same motive and perspective. So I tried it a different way and looked for a smaller detail, which is sufficient for my own memory.

Photo #5

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Tree #tree #photo #photography #blackandwhite #photos #photocasetakeover #takeover #life #nature #travel #traveling #wanderlust #love#iphone #iphoneonly #follow #like

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This photo shows a tree in Pompeji/ Italy. Photos of streets and ruins are very famous for this city. Pompeji is one of the most important modern Occidental cities. The archaeological excavation of the city influenced our cultural understanding a lot. I studied literature science, philosophy and art history visiting this city and get a picture of it myself was very important to me. I chose a black-and-white style because of the affinity to ash.

I would like to thank you very much for the #photocasetakeover. It was a lot of fun “being a little bit Photocase”.

Because the #photocasetakeover is so much fun for us, we are happy to announce the next round starting at 5th of October 2015. This time jmdphoto is running our instagram account. We are excited what to expect this time!



Titbits of the month: August


Every month we present you our favorite photos. This time Kai shows you his three summer pearls! Have a look!

Photo #1


Little blue feather

Here are my favorite summer spots: in the shades at a lake…

Photo #2



… if its getting too hot, I dive into the lake…

Photo #3


shoal of fish

… to swim with the fishes and find out who is faster.

More of Kai’s favorite photos can be found here.