Upload your photos with Dropbox


Drop it like it’s hot. What a coincidence! Dropbox raises the storage space for pro accounts from 100 GB to 1 TB (1.000 GB) and you can now upload your photos to Photocase using Dropbox. Just click on the link named “Upload with dropbox” on our upload page to upload your pics!

How does it work?

First, you need a Dropbox account (surprise!). Just connect your Dropbox to Photocase and your photos will be magically teleported to Photocase. All pics that you copy into your Dropbox folder /Photocase-Uploads, will appear in your “My Photos” list in your Photocase account after only a few minutes. If you wish, you can disconnect your Dropbox at any time.

Check it out! We hope you like it. Happy dropboxing!

More than colorful leaves – Creative fall stock photos


Let’s face facts: Summer is over. There’s no doubt about that. It’s getting colder outside, it’s getting darker earlier and there’s more rain, at least if feels like it. Not the greatest prospects… But fall can be different, it can indulge us: with golden sunlight, cozy hours and the intense flavours of foraged mushrooms. There’s more about fall than colored leaves, so we put together these 4 lightboxes to show how you can illustrate fall differently with photos from our collection.

1. Photocase Lightbox “Snuggle up”

What more is there to say? Well alright, fall is the best time to cuddle. Snuggle up in front of the fire place and enjoy a hot bowl of soup.

This way for more snuggly photos

2. Photocase Lightbox “Fall Weather”

Fall in it’s full meteorologic spectrum. It’s drizzling, raining, stormy, foggy and sometimes the sun comes out so we can go for a beautiful fall walk and jump into the puddles with our rubber boots. The bigger the better.

More photos of Mr shapeshifter fall

3. Photocase Lightbox “Sore Throat”

Atchoo! What also comes along with the unpleasant fall weather goes by the name of cold, cough, sniffles or fever. So better put on warm clothes, drink tea and strengthen your immune system with some vitamins.


Find more inspiring photos about sore throats and co. here

4. Photocase Lightbox “Collecting, Searching, DIY”

Fall offers great possibilities for leisure activities and hobbies. Want some examples? Collecting chestnuts, acorns or mushrooms, fly a kite, wave the migratory birds goodbye, make a scarf for your pet or carve a pumpkin.

Here are some more ideas

Week 37 as a link list – Design, Photography, Web and Society


Every week, we put together a list of articles, tools, videos or news that we came across during the week. Most of the notes will deal with the topics of design, photography and web development, among other stuff that caught our attention.

  1. This American Life – It’s Not the Product, It’s the Person
    Starting a new business means less product promotion, and more self-promotion.
  2. Everyone is talking about “Uber” at the moment. May as well read about it too…
  3. Whenever you publish photos or any other creative output online, you’re not only advertising for yourself, but also exposing yourself to feedback that is sometimes not very friendly. This article on Design Sponge offers some tips on how to handle negative feedback.
  4. Here’s a complete list for all who want to learn JavaScript or are already deep into it.
  5. How Thomas Höpker took one of the most famous 9/11 pictures (in German).
  6. Photoshop Action for iOS app and icon designers.
  7. New issue of Offscreen magazine.
  8. Anyone who’s interested in web design has very likely come across the name Jeff Zeldmann. Here’s a 45 minute documentary about him.

  9. Cosmos Browser is a Android browser, allows the user to connect to the internet through the use of SMS.
  10. Photographer Wyatt Neumann went on a road trip with his 2 year old daughter. During the trip, he took photos of her and posted them on Instagram. On some on them, she doesn’t wear any clothes. This led to some fierce debate.

  11. Lebanon is a great country. Ania Dabrowska is trying to make a book from the photo archive of Lebanese photographer Diab Alkarssifi and is collecting money on Kickstarter.

Enjoy clicking & reading!

Camera hack: Build your own filter

We love experiments. Espresso with tonic? Sure, why not. Our dear Theresa tests a new cake recipe? We act as her test eaters with pleasure. And in photography, we like experiments anyway. Precisely for this reason, we came up with the idea to do some simple DIY photo hacks during Photocase Day this year, so that our photographers can play around and get creative with plastic film, colored Sharpies, cardboard and box cutter knives. The inspiration came from this neat little video that pischare posted a while ago in the photographer’s forum. Unfortunately, our small DIY corner got lost in the excitement and later fell through completely because of the downpour. However, we really did like the results of our pre-tests, so we decided to post the photo hacks here in the blog. We start with the “Arty Filter Hack”, which goes like this:

Arty Filter Hack

Step 1

Paint plastic film with colored Sharpies.


Step 2

Pull the film apart until there’s a hole in the middle. If you want, you can also leave out step 2 and go directly to step 3 (like we did in the example below).

Step 3

Place film above your lens and fix it with a elastic band.

Step 4

… aaand take pretty colorful photos.


So many colors thanks to plastic film and Sharpies

What a wonderful coincidence, that our photographer inkje had also published a series of experiments with plastic foil on Photocase recently. How fitting, we thought to ourselves and asked her to tell us a little bit more about her experiments:

Hi Inkje, How did you come up with the idea for your plastic film experiments?

The idea for the series came by accident, when I saw a plastic bag laying around in my hallway at home. I don’t exactly remember why I took it. I guess it just annoyed me. The fact that I was holding my Sony RX 100 in my other hand, resulted in me putting the plastic bag over my hand and doing some test shots with my arm stretched out. The first photos were so awful, so morbid, that I was both, shocked and fascinated at the same time. Then I just turned the whole thing around and put the bag over my camera, pulled a small hole in it and took photos of myself. Every photo made me more curious as to how the next one would turn out. I just wanted to experiment a little.


…..” and “breathe, breathe in the air” by inkje

What was the exciting thing for you about the plastic bag experiments?

I found it very fascinating, that the photos had such different effects. Some appeared foggy, hot and muggy. To stress this effect, I made my hair and face wet. I emphasized the morbid appeal by high contrasts and black and white.

“Ein Hauch von Mut” und “Hitze” von inkje

Ein Hauch von Mut” and “Hitze” by inkje

Do you already have an idea with what you want to experience next?

I don’t know yet. I hope it will happen naturally. I like staying curious more than planning everything down to the last detail. :)

Have fun experimenting!

Photocase Day 2014 Photo Contest – Photoswap!

Here’s the continuation of our little recap of Photocase Day 2014. Today: the photo contest. This year’s photo competition was quite similar to last year’s, but with a little twist. If our contest was a cocktail, it definitely would have had the  word “twist” in its name. But as it wasn’t about alcoholic liquids, but finding a new owner of the Photocase cup, we simply named the contest “photoswap”.

7  teams took part and here’s how the whole thing it went: The task was to shoot a photo story with six photos. These photo series were going to be presented later in the evening. But – and now comes the “twist” part – by another group and not the ones who took the photos. So the challenge was not only to take 6 ace photos but also to develop a story based on someone else’s photos and present this story in front of the the whole La Chamansabaa crowd. Our honoured jury, made up of one member from each group (o-zero, table, andlostluggage, Gräfin., jock+scott, prenz66 and sir_hiss) had the super-hard job to pick 2 winners. One for the best photo series and one for the best story/presentation.

The prizes

1st prize in the category “Best photos” was a 100GB Dropbox voucher.


The group with the best presentation/story won a Konstruktor DIY set from Lomography.de


And here are the winners of “Best story”

Group 7 with Charlotte V., jodofe, matlen and andlostluggage won “Best Story”. Congratulations! The photos of the best story were shot by Group 6 with secretgarden, Th S, o-zero and speednik (who also made place 2 in the category “Best photos”).

Story Part 1

Meet Adelgunde, chairman of the Neukölln latex- and rubber enthusiast association. Adelgunde is very sad. She was having almost no fun at the last meet up and her beloved balloon also doesn’t mean so much to her any more…

Horst isn’t feeling too well too. As treasurer of the tote bag fetishist association Moabit, he does not feel challenged enough any more. Even his favourite tote bag can’t blind the fact any more that the tote bag love is gone.

But what’s this? Ahh – rubber, latex. Horst has never felt something that pleasant before.

Adelgunde is happy. Did her balloon find a new admirer? And what is that thing that Horst is holding in his arm? A tote bag… interesting. If she is allowed to touch it?

Both vanish behind the bushes to try out their now favorites…

Pure happiness, happy end. Together they are off to buy new talcum powder and fabric softener.

Winners in the category “Best Photos”

… And the glorious Photocase cup and the 100 GB Dropbox vouchers went to: Team 3 with fabsn, pischare, *princessa*, table and koordinate for their street photography series “Berlin – a portrait.” Congratulations! We would have loved to show you all 6 photos, but unfortunately, due to legal reasons, we can only show you one photo from the series:


From the series “Berlin – a portrait”

You can find a link to the whole series here in the Photocase photographer’s forum.

Here are a few more impressions from the contest and award ceremony




Thanks again to everyone who took part. A special Thanks you goes out to our prize sponsors Lomography.de and Dropbox!