Love is in the air!
Stock photography inspiration: Valentine’s


Love. It’s all around us and often quite complicated. Love is such a beautiful mess, like someone once so perfectly put it. With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, we put together 4 lightboxes with a lot of love for you.

Photocase Lightbox #1: All you need is love

It’s like the Beatles said: “All you need is love.” Love is good for everyone! Put on the rose-colored glasses and love the world around you a little more. Here’s a lovely lightbox to start.

To the lightbox “All you need is love”

Photocase Lightbox #2: It takes two to kiss

What else can we say? More kissing and cuddling in this lightbox. Smoochies!

To the lightbox “It takes two to kiss”

Photocase Lightbox #3: Old love doesn’t rust

… and they lived happily ever after. Is there really a recipe for love lasting for ever ever and ever ever? And would anyone even want that? Sometimes it does seem to work, like theses lovely couples show.

To the lightbox “Old love doesn’t rust”

Photocase Lightbox #4: Lovesickness/Anti-Valentine’s

Love can hurt. Real bad. When nothing makes sense any more, the world is grey and the heart is broken, Valentine’s is pretty much the last thing you want to think about. Here’s our Anti-Valentine’s lightbox. Tissue?

To the lightbox “Lovesickness/Anti-Valentine’s”

A mission to Mars with misterQM

Hello earthlings! Our photographer misterQM is a frequent traveler and so his Photocase portfolio bursts with great travel photos. Recently, he even embarked on an extraterrestrial expedition. The output of this adventure is a series of space photos called “We Come In Peace!” (We are huge fans!). In this interview, we talked with him about photography, inspiration and shooting on Mars. Ready for takeoff in 3…2…1!


A photo by misterQM

Hi misterQM! Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get interested in photography?

For me, photography is a creative compensation. From very early on, I was fascinated by capturing moments. It all started with my parents. When I was a kid, they took me along all over the world and I’m very grateful for that. This was when I observed my father sweeping through the landscaped to capture everything for the family album. At this time still with focusing on the essentials, thanks to the good old 36 photos film.

Then came digital photography and with that the perceived rapid development of new camera models. This provided a great opportunity for me. Because every time, my father bought a new camera, I got hold on the old one and took snaps. And it really was just “taking snaps” back then. An unfocused snapping. The turning point really came with Photocase. I stumbled upon the platform by chance. Because of Free Credit Monday, to be precise. One day I thought to myself: Why not start giving something back in order to get a photo. After about 600 photos, all great in my eyes but consequently rejected by the Photocase photo editors, my ambition was awakened.

How did you come up with the idea for your space series?

Don’t expect a crazy story here. I try to stay creative and bang my head on the table twice every morning. One time is not enough and 3 times isn’t supposed to be good for you from what I heard. ;)

The idea came to me directly at the place. I took the photos on the Canary Islands, on Fuerteventura to be precise. The island is full of surprises. When I flew there for the first time, shortly before landing, I thought to myself: what an ugly island. Very dull and with one of those Spanish concrete building complexes every now and then. But there are also very beautiful and remote places on the island and exactly on one of those I stood when I came up with the idea. It felt almost like standing on Mars and this was the moment the idea was born. The idea is the one thing, the realization is another. Luckily I came to the Island together with some very good friends of mine for surfing, who are as crazy as I am. Now I only had to get them wrapped up…


“Hello V” by misterQM – to the photo

So how did you turn your idea into reality?

With spontaneous people, you don’t need a lot of preparation time. The idea was born and I said: “We have to go to the supermarket.” We bought some tin foil and a first aid kid with 50 band-aids (they didn’t have any tape at the store) and than we took the car back to the remote place. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I didn’t say what would happen next up until we were back at the place…


“Hello X” by misterQM – to the photo

So the space suit is made of ordinary tin foil?

Yes, good old tin foil from the supermarket.

The only thing that I underestimated was the temperature. When the sun was gone, it got quite chilly. And the tin foil didn’t help much against the wind. I can only say again: thanks and Chapeau to the model!

Which camera and photo equipment did you use?

I had a tripod with me (although it’s often quite annoying to carry it around). My camera is a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and I used a Canon 24-70mm lense plus a simple flashlight for “painting”. What else? Good sneakers and endurance, because I ran countless times through the image and never stood still so that I wouldn’t be seen in the final photo. All that while constantly painting into the nothing with the flashlight and try not to fall on my nose in the Mars rocks.

All photos had an exposure time of approx. 20 seconds and the model was flashed at the beginning of the period of exposure.

"Wir kommen in Frieden." by misterQM

“Wir kommen in Frieden” by misterQM – to the photo

Thanks misterQM! This way to his user profile.

Stock photography inspiration: Easter


Spring! How promising that word sounds. Although it is still a little while until spring will have sprung, we are looking forward to sunshine, higher temperatures and fresh green growing back on the Berlin trees. (Yes, winter can be pretty tough.) Spring time is also Easter time! To get you ready for all your creative Easter projects, we’ve put together 4 hand-picked lightboxes so that you can start your search for the right photographic Easter eggs early this year.

Photocase Lightbox #1: Easter pleasures

Time with family and friends, beginning of spring and chocolate eggs – Easter offers many reasons for joy.

To the lightbox “Easter pleasures”

Photocase Lightbox #2: Easter eggs

Easter without eggs is like an egg without the yellow. Chocolate eggs, sugar eggs or the hard boiled and brightly colored ones from the supermarket. If those are not for you, we recommend painting Easter eggs yourself! They are the prettiest anyway.

To the lightbox “Easter eggs”

Photocase Lightbox #3: Easter bunnies

What was there first, egg or bunny? And isn’t it weird that bunnies bring eggs? In France it’s bells, which is even more odd. We decided to make a lightbox full of bunnies because they are such cuties.

To the lightbox “Easter bunnies”

Photocase Lightbox #4: Easter carrots

Well, maybe not everyone will instantly associate carrots with Easter, but it gets pretty obvious when you think of rabbits… right? Also, as a company that carries a carrot in the logo, we couldn’t resist.

To the lightbox “Easter carrots”

Stock photography inspiration: Carnival Season


Mardi Gras or carnival whoopi-doo, we’ve got the photos here for you! The jolly season is a nice and colorful change during the rather grey months. We start our Photocase carnival parade early this year with these 4 lightboxes. Helau! (like carnival revelers cry here in Germany).

Photocase Lightbox #1: Costumes

One of the fun parts of carnival is dressing up in funny costumes. If you still need some inspiration for your outfit this season, check out this lightbox!

To the lightbox “Costumes”

Photocase Lightbox #2: Bad taste

Every year, some costumes are a little bit crazier than others. Would you like to see some examples?

To the lightbox “bad taste”

Photocase Lightbox #3: Kölle alaaf!

In Germany, there are a couple of regions where carnival is really really a big thing. Cologne is definitely one of them. Carnival there is le-gen-da-ry! Instead of “Helau” people there cry out “Kölle alaaf”.

To the lightbox “Kölle alaaf”

Photocase Lightbox #4: Lent

After all the partying (often accompanied by heavy drinking and greasy food) comes Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. 40 days until Easter – time to detox body and mind. A temporary Goodbye to beer, wine, chocolate, burgers and steaks or other things like TV, smartphone or your favorite time killer online game.

To the lightbox “Lenten Season”

Stock photography inspiration: New year’s eve


“What are you doing on New Year’s?” This will be probably the most frequently asked question by the end of December. No matter if you already have a plan or not, we’ve popped the corks and filled 4 hand picked collections with great new year’s stock photo material to get you in the mood for the celebration of the last and the new year!

Photocase Lightbox #1: Party

Let’s get the party started! Say bye to 2014 with champagne, confetti, paper streamers, sparklers and good company.

To the lightbox

Photocase Lightbox #2: Hangover

And then there’s the day after New Year’s which often takes place in hangover town. Hey new year, did you bring some Advil by any chance?

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Photocase Lightbox #3: New year’s resolutions

New Year’s is a fantastic opportunity to review the last 365 days and make resolutions for the new year. This year we’ll be working harder, do more sports, be more punctual and eat healthier. For sure!

To the lightbox

Photocase Lightbox #4: Luck

To make sure 2015 will be a lucky one, we collected all kinds of lucky charms in this lightbox. Along these lines: Good luck and be good to yourself. :)

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