La Chamanسبعة
Photocase Day #7 in Berlin


Summer time is Photocase Day time! :) Like the past 6 years, you, our dear photographers, are invited to Berlin for a laid-back meet-up. We are already very much looking forward to “La Chamanسبعة” this year. For those who don’t know how to pronounce it, our personal linguist has prepared a little something. Here’s the new entry in the Photocase dictionary:

Chamanسبعة, La
Word class: noun, feminine
Pronunciation: La Chamansabaa
Meaning: Photocase Day #7 in Berlin
Synonym of: La Chamanwhoopidoo, La Chamanwobbledidoo

The 7th edition of Photocase Day will take place on August 9th at Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin Neukölln in their super nice garden! There will be drinks and food and of course a photo contest – we have to find the new owner of the glorious Photocase cup! :)

Here are the details:

When? Saturday, August 9th 2014
Where? Werkstatt der Kulturen, Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin Neukölln (location on Google Maps)
Starting time: 2 pm
How much? 10 €

To sign-up and learn other important details, click here (event site in German).

This is how it was last year (video with German text):

Come by on August 9th! It’s going to be Chamantastic! :)

RSVP on Facebook (German)

Mama oooooooooooh – Photography with the Lensbaby

This is a guest article by our photographer ginger. and the kick-off post of our new blog category “Photo hacks and effects”. If you have any cool tricks or tips too, that you would like to share with the Photocase community, or if you feel like writing a guest post yourself, just let us know. Thanks to ginger. for the first article and han.lei for the inspiration. We start with the Lensbaby. Enjoy!

Lensbaby “Composer” and “Composer Pro” with “Edge 80” optics (Photos: HapaTeam)

Lensbaby “Composer” and “Composer Pro” with “Edge 80” optics (Photos: HapaTeam)

I love the Lensbaby. When I unpacked my first Lensbaby lens and the word “Mum?” jumped at me, I was already sold. Yes, it’s a baby. You have to do everything, it can’t do anything on it’s own.

Autofocus? Nope. Focal length? Fixed, approx. 50 mm. Aperture? There are exchangeable magnetic insets for most Lenybaby lenses with apertures from f2.8 to f22. A Lensbaby needs toys: extensive accessory kids are available – creative aperture disks in bird, diamond, heart or star shape, create-your-own blank disks, different optics (single glass, double glass, tilt), macro converter, wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

Photo ID 275971 – To the photo
Lensbaby Composer, Double Glass

Photo ID 249172 – To the photo
Lensbaby Composer, Zoneplate-Objektiv

In the last 2 years, Lensbaby produced 2 new lenses, the Sweet 35 and the Edge 80. Both have an adjustable aperture. Almost like: Lensbaby learns to walk, Lensbaby becomes a toddler.

Photo ID 318767 – To the photo
Lensbaby Composer, Edge 80

Nevertheless, you need a little patience and tact with this analogue technique. But that also means that you get to know your camera better. You don’t rely on your automatic setting anymore, you choose your motifs more carefully. And of course it’s fun, it’s a nice toy. With a little practice you can make fantastic photos.

There are several Lensbabys: the „Muse“, the „Control Freak“, the „Composer (Pro)“ and the „Spark“. All Lensbabys are twistable and pivotable. I started with a composer and by now shoot with the Pro version and my Canon EOS 7d camera. The Lensbaby Composer has a spherical joint and can be swiveled in all directions. This way, parts of the picture vanish or blur. By inserting different aperture disks, the so called “Sweet spot”, the focus points gets widened (different from other lenses, where the depth of focus gets raised). Pivoting creates an (artistic) tilt shift effect. I would recommend starting with an aperture of 4 (or 5 in plenty of daylight) and not setting it too extreme, to get the “sweet spot” right.

The eagerness to experiment comes all by itself (at least it was for me). The makers of the British TV series Misfits even used a Lensbaby as movie lens. My favorite book about “Lensbaby” is by Corey Hilz: Lensbaby: Bending your perspective – with lots of pictures for inspiration. There are tons of workshop videos on YouTube.

There are quite a few photographers at Photocase who take photos with a Lensbaby. Here are some examples:

Photo ID 183977 by kemai – To the photo

Photo ID 292829 by dioxin – To the photo

Photo ID 294152 by morningside – To the photo

Photocase photographer’s portrait: katdoubleve

When we browse through our photos, we always stumble upon gorgeous pics. Recently, the wonderfully natural photos by our photographer katdoubleve especially caught our attention. So we thought it was high time for an interview with her and here it comes.


Kat aka katdoubleve joined Photocase in 2011 and has 68 photos in her Photocase portfolio

Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you and how did you get interested in photography?

Hey, I’m Kat. I’m a desperate cat lover, enthusiastic dreamer and full-time media designer. I love good music, buoyant people, diversity with no exceptions and every now and then a glass of good wine with friends. My parent’s camera gave me the first impulse to engage myself in the colorful world of photography. What I’m especially fascinated about is capturing those moments, that many people only become aware of through photos.

la mer – To the photo

la mer – To the photo


la douce tentation – To the photo

How did you find out about Photocase?

Photocase has accompanied me already for a long time and has helped me many times in my professional work. For me as a media designer, authentic and natural photos are scarce commodities. At Photocase you can find exactly those images. That’s why I find it so fantastic, that I can also show my photos here. I’m always happy that my photos find such great enthusiasm. Yet, most of my photos have rather snapshot character. But perhaps that’s what makes them so special.

Quand je suis avec toi – To the photo

What does photography mean to you? Do you have certain themes or motifs that recur in your work and why are these important to you?

My love of nature, diversity and love itself find a special place in my images. Homosexuality for me is absolutely natural and self-evident. But I experience again and again that people still have strong feelings of disconcertion of homosexuals and homosexuality. Because media images of relationships and partnerships are still predominantly conservative, I try to promote tolerance with my photography and raise awareness for this topic. Be gay, it’s okay. That’s why it is very important to me to approach this topic in an artistic manner, to contribute sociopolitically as a photographer. Photography for me is a medium to express things from my perspective.

La joie prolonge la vie – To the photo

c’est une histoire d’amour – To the photo

For that reason, I especially admire those Photocase photographers, who also raise awareness for this topic and deal with hetero normative dominance (you can find some nice examples here in my favorites).

Which camera do you use?

From my first pay check as a media designer, I bought a Canon 5D mark II, together with my cousin. We are both absolute photo enthusiasts. With my favorite lense, f1.2 50mm, I found my personal style. I love to work with sharpness and unsharpness, putting certain aspects in the foreground that way.

La joie prolonge la vie – To the photo

Thanks, katdoubleve! Head this way to her user profile.

Interview by
All photos by katdoubleve

New Photocase Login and Registration

As some of you may have already noticed, we launched an update last weekend and with that, our new login and registration process went live. Here’s a small roundup of what’s new:

New Login

You can now login with your email address + password (previously, you had to use your username, which sometimes led to confusion). Social media-philes can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Photocase Sign in

Here we go. Sign in with your email address or your username.


New users can now register fast and easy with their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account. For those, who still prefer the good old-fashioned way, we streamlined the login form to make setting up an account real quick.

Photocase Register

Enjoy the view and set up a new account in no time.

Hi! We’re glad you’re here.

After registering, new users now land on our redesigned welcome page with all the information you need to get started (and a warm welcome by us).


“Smashing new profile photo!”

What’s probably most relevant for the old Photocasers among you, apart from the new login process, is the new process of uploading and changing your profile photo. We admit, this was something that could give even a pro-user problems. But now we’ve reworked it to be super easy. Just upload a photo, crop it, and you’re done. :) Also, we unified your profile and avatar pics. Your profile photo (the one shown on your user profile) will automatically be used as the small avatar pic (the one next to your username). A note for long-time Photocasers: the old two pics will remain until you replace your avatar.

You can upload JPGs, PNGs oder GIFs (without animation). So get your cameras ready for new avatar photos. :) Kai shows us how it’s done:


This is the new Photocase Login and registration. We hope you like it. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know. Just send an email to support[at]

The world’s (and Photocase’s) most photographed places

Where in the world do people snap the most pics? Google’s heatmap, that has been all over the internet in the last months, addresses this exact question. Maybe you’ve already seen it, but if not, now is the time, because the map is definitely worth checking it out.

Screenshot - To the heatmap

Screenshot – Zur Heatmap

The top 3 captured cities according to Google are New York, Rome and Barcelona. The data comes from Google’s geolocation-oriented photo sharing service Panoramio. Which means, that the map is biased to basically photos of sights that people took who have a camera that records meta data and who use Panoramio. Which also means, that we will probably never be able to know in which places in the world people take the most analogue photos.

Inspired by Google’s heatmap, we created this map with the locations of photos from Photocase. Most photos were taken in – surprise! – Germany! Of course we do not have as many photos as Google (our map bases on 1300 photos with GPS data). Yet! ;) If you have a GPS chip in your camera, check if it’s on in your settings. We hope, you like our map! To view and zoom, just click here.

Locations of Photocase photos with GPS date – To the map

Locations of Photocase photos with GPS date – To the map