Stock photography inspiration: New year’s eve


“What are you doing on New Year’s?” This will be probably the most frequently asked question by the end of December. No matter if you already have a plan or not, we’ve popped the corks and filled 4 hand picked collections with great new year’s stock photo material to get you in the mood for the celebration of the last and the new year!

Photocase Lightbox #1: Party

Let’s get the party started! Say bye to 2014 with champagne, confetti, paper streamers, sparklers and good company.

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Photocase Lightbox #2: Hangover

And then there’s the day after New Year’s which often takes place in hangover town. Hey new year, did you bring some Advil by any chance?

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Photocase Lightbox #3: New year’s resolutions

New Year’s is a fantastic opportunity to review the last 365 days and make resolutions for the new year. This year we’ll be working harder, do more sports, be more punctual and eat healthier. For sure!

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Photocase Lightbox #4: Luck

To make sure 2015 will be a lucky one, we collected all kinds of lucky charms in this lightbox. Along these lines: Good luck and be good to yourself. :)

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Camera hack no. 3: Dreamy photos filter

We continue with our feature “photo hacks & effects” with a new how-to. This time we show you how you can capture wonderfully dreamy photos using… wait for it… Vaseline. It’s super simple and the effect is pretty cool. Slick, eh?

Step 1

For creating a Vaseline vignette you need: Vaseline (or any other fatty cream), a filter (e.g. a cheap UV filter) or – if you are worried about damaging your filter – a plexiglass pane.


In our example, we used plexiglass and a circle cutter (what a great invention!) to cut out a circle.


Step 2

Now it get’s greasy. In step 2, take a little bit of Vaseline and apply a vignette with your finger.



Step 3

Attach the filter to your camera and you’re ready to go. The unsharpness on the edges of the photo create a nice vintage look. Here’s an example:


Dreamy. The new filter in action. Photo: Kai

To get rid of all the smearing, just rinse it off with hot water. Like last time, inspiration for this how-to came from the video “7 Simple Photography Hacks by COOPH” on youtube.

Have fun experimenting! Do you have other hack ideas? Which new how-tos would you like to see on our blog? Let us know in the comments!

Stock photography inspiration:


It’s like they always say in Game of Thrones: Winter is coming. Fortunately, it’s not at all that gloomy around here. In fact, it can be very enjoyable and beautiful. Check out our 4 new winter collections to get your winter stock photography inspiration fix.

Photocase Lightbox #1: Winter pleasures

Building a snowman, snowball fights, the sound of snow under your feet and warming your numb hands on a nice cup of hot punch. What else do we have to say?

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Photocase Lightbox #2: Winter sports

Finally it’s time for winter sports again! Ski, snowboard, ice skates, sleigh riding and snowy mountains – this lightbox has it all.

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3. Photocase Lightbox #3: Cold winter

Winter can be tough: icy car windows, cold feet, streets covered in snow and cancelled flights (just to mention a few things). But it can be also very beautiful. Just have a close look at a snow flake when one lands on your glove this winter (or admire the macros in this lightbox). So amazing!

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4. Photocase Lightbox: Winter landscapes

Speaking of the beautiful sides of winter… If we haven’t convinced you yet, put on your winter boots and join us for a trip into the Photocase winter wonderland.

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Stock photography inspiration: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is coming up and we’ve set the table for you with 4 hand picked lightboxes stuffed with tasty photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

Photocase Lightbox #1: Harvest season

What has to happen before we can even celebrate Thanksgiving? The harvest! After all, on Thanksgiving we commemorate the pilgrims that, threatened by hunger, were rewarded with a plentiful harvest.

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Photocase Lightbox #2: Celebrate Thanksgiving

Getting together for a nice Thanksgiving dinner with pumpkin pie, sweet potato mash, cranberry sauce and of course a turkey. Can I get some gravy on that?

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Photocase Lightbox #3: Thankfulness

You should say “Thank you” throughout the whole year, but especially now during the darker season, it’s nice to give family and friends a treat with a great home-cooked meal, flowers, chocolate or by just saying “Thank you”.

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4. Photocase Lightbox: Shopping

The day following Thanksgiving is Black Friday, which means shopping, shopping and shopping! For the kick-off of the Christmas Shopping season, sales are huge and lines long. Keep your eyes open for our very own Photocase Black Friday queue-less shopping extravaganza on November 28th!

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Stock photography inspiration: 25 yrs Fall of the Berlin Wall


A few days ago, we published a blog post with Berlin photos from before the reunification and today here on the blog. The German-German history and the fall of the Berlin wall are very important topics for us personally. Most of our team members were born and spent their early childhood years in the former GDR, the small country that doesn’t exist any more. Whenever we see pictures or video footage from those days in 1989 (which are all over the TV and the internet at the moment as this November 9th marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall) we get goosebumps. So for this week’s “Stock photography inspiration” blog post, we’ve searched the Photocase treasury box for some old GDR finds, more old and new Berlin photos and German reunification impressions. And here are our 4 lightboxes in honor of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Photocase Lightbox #1: The Berlin Wall

November 9th 1989, East-Berlin. In a press conference, GDR spokesman Günter Schabowski announces the new regulations on leaving the country and replies to the question of a journalist about when these regulations would come into effect with the momentous words: ” [...] immediately, without delay.” After that, events went head over heels.

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Photocase Lightbox #2: Once upon a time in the GDR

It’s true, nearly every GDR household owned a “Mufuti” (short for “Multifunktionstisch”, engl.: multifunctional table). T-shirts were called “Nikkis” and the Trabant was your loyal companion on weekend trips or summer escapes to the Baltic Sea. A Photocase lightbox with some GDR finds.

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Photocase Lightbox #3: German reuification

Despite all the myths, it was not David Hasselhoff who tore down the Berlin wall. It was the work of all those brave people who were demonstrating in the streets of Berlin and other East German cities in the year of 1989. This was 25 years ago. How much have East and West Germany grown together since then?

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Photocase Lightbox #4: Crossing borders

There are physical walls made of bricks, concrete and barbed wire, like the one that was separating East and West Germany, and there are the mental walls in people’s heads. The question is, which ones are harder to overcome. A conceptual lightbox of crossing borders.

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